‘A healthy disrespect for the medium’ is a very apt way to describe Yorgos Papadopoulus’ material process. Exhibiting for the first time with The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, the vivid colours of Yorgos’ pieces seem to glow from beneath the marbled green canopy. Captivating, curious and clever - Yorgos’ pieces are really quite unique. 

“Glass is my canvas, hammers are my brushes”

Working with layers of safety glass, pigments, silicone and precious metal dusts & leaf, the manipulation off the glass is a world apart from the fine blown and cast glass exhibited elsewhere in the Garden. Yorgos’ work shows us that there are no accidents - only opportunities to discover something new and exiting.

“I was studying ceramics at London’s Royal College of Art when I broke a piece of laminated glass. Instead of seeing the breakage as a mistake, I was blown away by the results. I began smashing glass deliberately and putting light behind it,” he explains. 

“I’ve been doing this type of artwork professionally for 15 years now, but if not for my accident with the glass sheet, I might well have been a ceramicist.”

‘Eyes Timeless Repose’ can been seen across the Woodland of the Sculpture Garden and beyond. Glistening, immaculate silver framing five suspended cobalt turquoise pieces - the pigment of the colour so rich and vibrant that it has to be seen in real life to be believed.

A celebration of life and colour.