Having worked in hard materials (carved wood and bronze) for a number of years, Yke Prins’ latest body of work explores the energy and dynamism that can be captured by a fluid brush stoke. Painting has always been a part of Prins’ practice, leading her towards the large sculptures she produces. After spending an extended period of time in Japan learning the traditional art of Japanese calligraphy, Prins bought the techniques and tools she learnt back to her homeland of The Netherlands to explore this concept further.

Dancing through the foliage surrounding the New Ponds is an intriguing series seeking to capture movement; a gesture; a concept. Using traditional brush and ink, Prins creates new ‘characters’, that rather than depicting a word, explore an idea. Titles such as ‘Growth’, ‘Balanced Movement’ and ‘Soft Wind’ indicate her thoughts behind the works, but part of the joy is drawing one’s own conclusions from the work. She then traces the brushwork onto stainless or corten steel, and immaculately cuts them out so that each tiny detail of the original remains.

Flickering light and shadows dancing across the surface bring movement and life to the works, as they emerge from the dramatic planting of the Sculpture Garden.