Tom Nicholson Smith is a local maker who has created seating, sculpture and public art for various commissions including public sculpture at Woodbridge Meadows and Bellfields housing estate, Guildford. Tom has a background in landscape design as well as exhibiting his sculpture at galleries and open studios.

Tom’s art grew from his passion for ‘making things’. He was accepted by the Princes Trust to set up a business for designing products that could be made during the restoration of derelict woodland and the crafts associated.

 The work draws inspiration from many subjects; natural forms, landscape features, architecture and animals. As the design ideas progress he must also consider the natural grain and dimensions of the wood. Carving large geometrical shapes out of giant trees, wood has always been Tom’s favourite material to work with.

 Tom gets great pleasure revealing the sinuous texture of the grain by his finishing process and considering how the pattern of the grain changes as he cuts into the piece, this can have a dynamic effect and add to the final sculpture.