Created especially for The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden 2019 exhibition, Timothy Sandy’s largest creation ‘Moment’ proudly stands by Standon Stream, gently moving in the breeze.

‘Moment’ was inspired by standing stone circles. Sandys' spent a great deal of time studying images and reading books relating to stone circles and the many myths surrounding them.  He is interested in narratives that the world can not explain through facts and figures; things we really do not know or understand in history.

Sandys’ ideas around these circles appear relating to community, love life & death through Humanity. He wants his sculptures to distract people from everyday stresses, and to stop, contemplate, and clear the fog to allow for a more rational view.

Sandys’ choice of colours hope to raise it above being just a wind chime or a mobile, by using colours that in society are subliminally associated with warnings; yellow, orange and red. 

Working in carbon fibre, Sandys’ unusual choice of material lends itself perfectly to kinetic sculpture: incredibly light and strong. Utilising the skills he learnt through a career in motor racing has given him a material practice unheard of by most sculptors. Since 2005 the varied repertoire of skills and knowledge acquired during his time with various racing teams, in particular carbon fibre composites and metal working, are used to create innovative and technically demanding works of art.