Stephen Beardsell has been involved in sculpture for the past 17 years. His aims have been - and continue to be - to create mixed media sculptures that sit comfortably in the natural environment without conflicting with their immediate surroundings.

He spends much of his spare time outside camping, fishing, walking, foraging - but all the time observing. It is these observations that influence his sculpture: how things grow, evolve and exist, and also the interaction between the environment and us.

The qualities of glass - transparency, depth and the how vibrant colures reflect on the inner surfaces have drawn him closer to understanding the direction he would like his career to move in.

Beardsell uses a variety of techniques within his discipline, including hot blown glass, hot sculpting, and hot casting into sand or graphite moulds, carved by himself (a very dirty job). He also kiln forms glass and has recently kiln cast the largest singular piece of glass in the UK, a large oval red lens weighing 350kg, cast in a Czech glass.

Stephen Beardsell is currently working on a book which describes the processes involved in casting such a large piece of kiln formed glass.