Vivid colours, crisp lines and abstract shapes are the key elements of the work on display this year by Egyptian-Born sculptor Sam Shendi. His works whittles down the human figure to its simplest form, and by reducing the human body to a minimal shape, his creations become centred on an emotion or an expression.

‘Awaken’ mirrors the form of a woman waking and stretching in the morning.

‘Reaching’ is a shoot from a clematis or similar climber, grasping and clawing it’s way upwards towards the light.

“Shendi’s work, therefore takes a fine line between representation and abstraction. Whilst he appreciates the abstract form his interest is in the human and psychological dimensions to his sculptures. Stripping human nature down to its essence, and then expressing it in a sculptural language.

Firmly based in modernist morphology his colourful architectural forms abbreviate the human figure and nod to his background in monumental sculpture and interior design. Shendi juxtaposes cartoonish lemon, ultraviolet and pumpkin-coloured blocks, conjuring associations with children’s toys and industrial design and lending his pieces an emotive and playful quality. His candy-coated palette animates the archetypal themes he addresses in his work. Assisted by the use of colour to deceive the eye, flouting a sense of gravity and taking the attention away from the material also gives the work a strong optical impact.”