After 30 years creating public artworks Richard is now concentrating on experimental  sculptures on a smaller scale. His work is free form, dynamic and evolves every time he shows a new series of pieces. He was recently awarded the FPS (Free Painters and Sculptors) top award at a recent group show at the Oxo Tower on the South Bank.

Never sure how the final piece will look - Richard takes inspiration from one starting piece and the sculpture evolves from there. He describes some of his sculpture as physical sketches - in particular, his giant 'Cats Whiskers' as pencil lines through the sky.

Farrington's 'Myriad Creatures' emerge from the stream by the weir like some sort of evolving beings, slowly creeping their way up the bank to rest in the dappled sunlight. Based on the unique and intriguing forms of Diatoms - a major group of algae that date back to the Jurassic Period, Farrington was inspired by magnificently detailed drawings by Ernst Haeckel from 1904. The pieces are created in a fantastic and exciting inflation process, and the speed and accompanying noise of the creation make these creatures come to life. A DVD shown and sold in the gallery reception documents the creation process.