Entrance for One - £12 PHYSICAL TICKETS

Peter Clarke 'Verdigris Pod Form XV'.jpg
Peter Clarke 'Verdigris Pod Form XV'.jpg

Entrance for One - £12 PHYSICAL TICKETS


An ideal gift for art and garden lovers alike!

Total price - £12

Free P&P

Entrance tickets for one person to the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.

Ticket valid for 1 person only, Thursday - Sunday until end of October 2020.

Please check our opening times before you travel.

Ticket and relevant information will be sent first class to the invoice address - if you would prefer it was sent directly to the recipient please email us at time of purchase to confirm.

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Broadleaved plants and mature trees support, frame and enhance a changing collection of contemporary sculpture in this stunning garden.

The Sculpture Garden was the brainchild of owner and curator Hannah Peschar over 30 years ago, and has grown from a handful of sculptures to over 200 pieces exhibited every summer. 

The range of works selected by the curators is wide with styles varying from figurative to highly abstract, innovatively using contemporary metals, wire, glass, ceramics and plastics as well as the more traditional stone, wood and bronze. Each sculpture is placed in a carefully considered and meaningful relationship with the other featured works within the garden, created by co-curator and award-winning landscape designer, Anthony Paul. The result is an inspired combination of peaceful, enclosed harmony and dramatic, surprise vistas in an ever-changing environment.