'5 Petals Flower' Sophie Marsham

silver 5 petals 2.JPG
silver 5 petals 2.JPG

'5 Petals Flower' Sophie Marsham


Vintage financier moulds and wooden draughts piece in resin, suspended from stainless steel cable. Can be displayed inside or outside.

20cm across x 5cm deep.

2 available, this listing is for ONE piece.

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With a fantastic eye for collecting the unusual, the discarded and unwanted, Sophie Marsham creates beautiful and whimsical sculpture from found objects.

"The work usually begins with a surreal medley of raw materials, perhaps some stainless-steel medical equipment, antique chocolate moulds, teeth from large farm cutting machinery, circular saw blades and car suspension springs.

A spring mattress becomes a sheep, garden shears become a bird or cutlery becomes fingers and toes. The sculptures may grow organically as new objects are found or added. Each project is unique in terms of raw material and scale." - Sophie Marsham