Storm Egg IV by Walter Bailey


Storm Egg IV by Walter Bailey


No. 4 of series of 9 drawings. All unique Chinese ink and brush, framed and mounted.

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33cm x 33cm

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Working predominantly in Oak and English Redwood, Walter Bailey carves intricate patterns using hand tools, chainsaws and fire. A lover of nature, Bailey usually works where he can enjoy an abundance of nature around him. Much of his work is largely or entirely comprised of lattice patterns which suggest the interaction between nature and human-beings.

“For me these patterns became a way to map my place in the World. The more I learned of the cosmos, the macro and the micro, the more I understood that I was observing a vast intelligence.”

His work is often finished by scorching the surface of his work with fire; the resulting blackness giving them a patina of age that ties in with the spiritual expression that is central to his work. The scorching also acts as a natural preserve for the wood - similar to techniques used in ancient temples.