“Ideas come from anywhere. They can come from a piece of flint or bone found while out walking or from a dream, mythology or something briefly half seen while travelling...”

Bone Form, a series of figures, started life when sculptor Nicola Godden happened to stumble across up a beautiful piece of bone that resembled the shape of a female torso. This serendipitous find sparked Godden’s creativity in the studio, and she began making small work in clay as well as larger pieces in plaster. Godden enjoys the tactility of the finished work; a materiality which seduces the desire of the viewer to touch. The artist emulates beautifully smooth finishes, yet retains the honesty of the markings of the hand-tools used.

“Working in clay or plaster is a fast process - I like to get the ideas out with immediacy. I start with a metal supporting armature and use aluminium wire to produce the rough shape and usually adding clay or plaster as quickly as possible. Rarely drawing before working - I like to keep the spontaneity of ideas in the flow of sculptural process.”

Godden’s work is usually finished by being cast in bronze. Light reflects upon the curving solid surfaces - they can be irresistible to touch. The artist aims to be involved at each stage of the bronze casting process.

“Bronze has an almost timeless quality with its own fascinating history and, of course, should outlive us all…”