Possibly the most striking installation to have ever been established at The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Ronald van der Meijs' 'Sound Architecture 5' can be found sprawling over the moss under the shady Oak trees. 5,000 stainless steel bicycle bells have been meticulously placed in such a way that they form one huge mass that seems to crawl across the site like some enormous deep sea creature. The gently undulating waves across the piece play with the dappled light through the trees, and in a strong breeze the gentle 'ding' of the bells can be heard. The artist creates his installations without a plan - allowing nature to control the flow as he works. He purposefully chose an Oak Tree to start, as in the autumn time the acorns will fall creating music with the piece.

The piece is part of the 'Sound Architecture' series, which indicates it must be a sound installation, but one must be lucky to hear a sound produced. Acceptance of chance plays an important role in this work. As one might expect from his choice of materials, Ronald van der Meijs is proudly from Holland and was inspired to create these magnificent installations after something fell on his own bicycle bell whilst resting under a tree.