“My work with the human form attempts to find a rhythm and balance in our lives, reflecting and realising our imperfections and then counterbalancing them with positivity and support in order to achieve a visual and spiritual equilibrium within ourselves and the world around us”

Michael Speller works almost exclusively in bronze, having been fascinated with the medium from his very first visit to a foundry; its fluidity and the challenge it presents is reflected and expressed in all his work. His distinctive, elongated figures are often impressed with emotive words and objects to create hugely expressive and textural surfaces. Solitary or grouped, his figures represent how we live in the world, combining the influences of family, friends, environment and society.

Speller was named official artist for the BT Art of Sport Programme for The 2012 London Olympics and was for many years a resident artist at The Art Academy, London.

Working in Bermondsey, his studio is in a set of old railway arches and the foundry a short distance away in east London.