“My sculpture and multipart installations are often staged in response to their proposed environment. The concepts that arise originate from the exigencies of site raising different questions each time keeping the process alive.  A variety of material and process mediate between direction and outcome in action and balance between aims, exploration and elements of surprise.  I have made works that have flown and floated, activated by the natural ‘Elements’ of weather, water, wind, light, shadow, and also reflection and transitions shifting in time, in order to generate movement and momentum as a counter to the static and permanent.”

Marigold Hodgkinsion & Winslow Foot’s site-specific projects engage with the environment often in movement generated by the elements unpredictable effects of wind, water, light and shadow and reflection. 

Floating installations staged in moat, river and lake

Wind’ activated sculpture overlooking the sea

Reflection used as a shifting mirror or screen

These have been carried out in sites in Lithuania. Poland, Holland, Sweden, Italy and the UK in exterior and interior sites.