Located in a stunningly beautiful valley in the midlands, Lucy Unwin’s studio can be found in an old stone farm building overlooking the fields. From this setting, Unwin carves organic and figurative forms in a vast range of stone. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Unwin often picks unusual - and tricky to carve - stone to create her striking pieces. ‘Kore’ which was displayed by Black & White Cottage in 2016, is carved from a mysterious Italian marble that was seemingly discarded in the corner of an Italian stone yard for over 60 years. Unsure of what she might find as she carved deeper, Unwin brought the marble back to the UK and was rewarded with a vivid network of blues and purples running through the unusual stone.

“The inspiration for my work derives from natural forms, be it organic shapes found in nature or the human figure. When working with stone I use the natural shape of the material for guidance before releasing the form within. The physical process of working, which is often very demanding is important to me, as by combining physical and mental energy I am able to create the desired outcome.”