Liam O'Neil's magnificent 'Chair Form's are spectacular and imposing in their own right, but the fact that each one is turned and carved on a gigantic lathe outside O'Neill's workshop makes them all the more impressive. Whether the work is set against the rugged backdrop of the Irish west coast at O'Neill's studio, or placed amongst the luscious greenery of The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, one can see the tenderness and supreme knowledge that goes into each one of O'Neill's pieces. From the large 'Bench'; carved to reflect a mountainous backdrop, or the tender 'Mini Cauldron'; with clever peepholes formed from the removal of knots, O'Neill's skill as a wood turner is undeniable. The cocoon-like outline of the 'Chair Form's allows one to tuck oneself away, almost invisible from any passers-by, and to immerse oneself in the surrounding woodland.

As well as a large number of public commissions, Liam O'Neill was commissioned by the Irish Government to create 'Walnut Vessel', a piece that was presented by The Prime Minister of Ireland Bertie Ahern TD to Dr Ian and Baroness Eileen Paisley during the St Andrews Peace Talks in 2006. The wood used for the vessel came from the site of The Battle of Boyne, and this gift was seen as a key factor in the success of the talks.