“After spending four years in the film industry creating sets and sculptures that were ultimately destined for the bin after their transfer to celluloid, I nurtured a desire to see things in a less impermanent state. This, along with the unique and dynamic process of stone carving drove me to the marble mountains in Italy. The physical energy needed to deal with the material demanded a one-to-one relationship, something whole and integral from my commitment that only enhanced my respect for the stone and the power of the human mind and spirit.

Fifteen years later my relationship with the stone is still deepening along with that of my own life, others around me and my ever-changing view on the state of mankind and the universe. My work has evolved from Abstract to Conceptual to Figurative and may change again. I understand that the art world prefers artists to be more easily categorised, but it is impossible for me not to follow directions that have simply materialised as the obvious next route.

Stone is not man-made and therefore has no inbuilt sociological connotations. In this way it is utterly “innocent” and the success of each individual piece is a reflection of how well understood the essential elements of life are by the artist. I do not profess to have arrived at any conclusions and may never reach that point, but am enjoying the journey toward them.”