Situated just a few miles from the Sculpture Garden, Jane Bohane creates her sculpture in her studio nestled in the Surrey Hills. Starting off in the 2D world of drawing, painting and photography, Jane naturally progressed into sculpture. The works began with found objects - scenes she was creating for photography soon took on a journey of their own, and so the progression into making 3D objects flowed. A fascination with colour and light carried though, so experiments with glass shards and slices began.

“I am particularly interested in the qualities of glass, It is a beautiful paternal, especially when exposed to bright light, By using glass shards I want to exploit this asset, and yet subvert it into something that provokes thoughts of hostile intent.”

Recent works have nodded back to her origins with found objects - discovering that she can create her own characterful structures from recycled elements and clay, creating a fascinating contrast with the hard, organised surface of the cut glass. The juxtaposition between seemly crude edges, soft, muted tones and textures and the vivid linear structure of the glass make Bohane’s work captivating from far and near.