Limited Edition sculpture in stone-resin or foundry cast bronze

 Some of the pieces she makes are unique.  Most are cast in small editions.

Each piece is marked with its edition number and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.  If you buy from a gallery and they don’t offer you an edition certificate, please contact me for one.

The largest edition I now make is of twenty-five casts.  Most are fewer, Bronze editions are never more than nine.  Some pieces have a bronze edition and a stone-resin edition.  Almost all editions have one or two ‘artist’s casts’ in addition.  These are the first casts out of the mould and are used as ‘masters’ from which to work on all the others. They are often sold at the end of the edition.  Instead of 4/7 (for instance), an artist’s cast will be marked A/C/7.

 The original sculpture can be made of anything (e.g. clay, wax, plaster, polystyrene, wood, cement, resin, stone).

 A flexible rubber mould, encased in fibreglass to hold it in shape, is made in several pieces from the original.

 If the final sculpture is to be in bronze, a hollow wax is made from this mould and taken to the foundry, where a very long, laborious series of processes ensues.

 Otherwise a cast is made from the mould using a stone-resin mix.  After curing overnight, the cast is removed from the mould; the seams are ground off and the entire surface is ground, sanded and polished.

 Every cast is finished by hand and in that sense is ‘unique’, even if one of an edition.

Every bronze cast is patinated by hand at the foundry and the finish and colour of every cast will be different.

 STONE-RESIN  is an amalgam of polyester resin and stone.  I use four stones of different colours, ground down to different sized dusts or grits and mixed together in varying proportions.  This mix is unique to my workshops.

The base colour comes from a welsh grey limestone and the dominant red speckle from a scottish red granite.  The other two stones are a cornish green granite and a white italian limestone. Most resin sculpture tends to be ‘bronze-resin’, with bronze dust in the surface layer of resin.  In general, most bronze-resin sculpture is cast hollow (with a fibre-glass skin inside).  My stone-resin sculpture is almost always cast solid, with no fibreglass content.  The colour comes from the stone dust and, if sawn in half, the material is the same all the way through.  The lack of fibreglass renders it more brittle and more breakable on impact but it also makes it a LOT more resistant to weather-erosion.