A whisper; a ghost; a spirit of the Garden - David Begbie’s incredible sculptures take on a whole new life when they are introduce to nature. Hanging amongst our trees and flora, the work takes on a ghostly appearance, drifting in and out of view as the sun moves through the sky. Dubbed the creator of the mesh figure sub-genre of sculpture, Begbie has been manipulating steel and bronze mesh since his discovery of the material almost 40 years ago.

“Most of my sculptures are made from a single rectangle of wiremesh with nothing added and nothing taken away. The material is simply transformed.” 

Exhibiting across the globe, most of Begbie’s work focuses on the human body.

“My sculptures have no palpable substance or surface. At first glance they appear to be a metallic membrane but when you take a closer look they are not even a skin. They are in fact a delineation of surface and form, modelled and drawn in three-dimensional space.”