Fleeting Memories of Astral Dreaming 

“I don’t know whether or not I shared with you any of the process/thinking in the work. If not, here goes in brief:  

This series of stainless steel woven structures has been informed by ideas of travel through time, place, realms and liminality. When my mother was unable to get into the countryside before she died, she desired a magical pod that would transport her about. This is the sort of thing I imagined might do the trick.

When making the pieces, I was thinking about betweenness & moments of transition between states, and I think the materiality of the work is ethereal & ephemeral - they remind me of insect exuviae, leaf skeletons, spider’s webs, maybe clouds, some people see weaver bird nests, pods of various kinds. The title alludes to intangible but poignant moments, and also to ancestry, the afterlife & the collective unconscious.  I hope that gives a little insight into how I work.“