Tucked along the Sculpture Walk, Brian Alabaster’s stunning bronze figures appear to move and breath with the dancing shadows across their surface. Textures from the surrounding trees and foliage only seem to accentuate the seemingly unfinished sculptures - allowing the viewer to perhaps believe they could reach out and manipulate the surface as if it were the original soft clay.

Renowned for his immaculate sculptural portraits, Suffolk-based sculptor Alabaster has stepped out from his usual style to exhibit with the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden for 2019. 

Textural, tactile and unfinished - ‘Standing Figure’ and ‘Torso’ have a raw, almost playful quality. Makers’ marks left in the clay leave evidence of their creation, generating movement and vitality within the forms. 

 “This body of work is made out my desire to represent the human form and say something more than I can achieve in my more figurative work.”