"Why the natural world looks and behaves like it does is of endless fascination to me – maybe born of thousands of miles travelled at sea, with time to contemplate the earth’s restless qualities.

In particular, I am enthralled by the dynamism of nature; the continuous movement and cycles of change that seem to define life itself.

The wind is perhaps the most volatile expression of this ever-changing environment. Everywhere in the earth’s atmosphere, at every scale - from vast weather systems to the beat of an insect’s wing – air currents, waves and vortexes interact, and swirl into every place. Yet we are mostly unaware of this wonderful ‘dance’ – the air is a medium we cannot see.

My wind sculptures give expression to this subtlety and beauty - they are free to respond to movement and changing qualities. The viewer therefore experiences a ‘live’ event as the invisible nature of the air is revealed.

Because they are more like passive ‘instruments’, my sculptures are not art objects in the usual sense - as far as possible, their presence is muted to allow nature itself to become the object of beauty. "