Bringing some drama to the Sculpture Garden in 2019, Andrea Schulewitz’ large, abstract sculptures have created a real presence in this year’s exhibition.

‘Red Square’ sits high atop the moss steps, gazing across the Cottage Lawn. Constantly shifting shadows and dappled light create movement across the immaculate red surface - drawing your eye to the central viewpoint.

“The Red Square is an optical work. The proximity of orange and red planes bounces light around, intensifying altering the depth of hue and and tone. Much like elements in Japanese gardens, the Red Square compliments nature in form and colour, and it needs time and light to reveal itself. It’s is not a contemplative work necessarily, more a reason to stop and stare, to be still for a while.”

‘Reckless Kiss’ greets visitors upon arrival to the Sculpture Garden, coming into view as the driveway sweeps down into the woodland valley.

‘I like motifs to glue my ideas together and see what progress I am making, assemble some order in my thinking, to show my workings out and points of arrival. The X for me is an essential motif. An ancient symbol, it marks the spot, it’s a simple mark a signature, a no go sign, a kiss, it is a beautiful shape.’