Alison Berman’s tender pieces have an elegant simplicity that evokes a calming and serene feeling. Her beautiful creatures are at one with their environment – ‘Swaying Horses’ are nestled amongst the trees gently moving in the breeze mirroring two relaxed horses out to graze. The ‘Rusty Deer’ observe their environment from the safety of the hill – startling the viewer as they come into view.

Berman finds that working with her hands and tools are fundamental to herself as an artist. She uses a wide range of materials and works in a variety of scales. Colour and texture are crucial; which are evident in the vivid Cerulean blue chosen, paired with the Burgundy colouring of the horses.

“The two essential spirits running though my work are a sense of mischief and the dynamic between sculpture and viewer. How people respond and react – whether with curiosity, amusement, puzzlement or simply ‘getting the joke’ – is part of the life of my sculptures, and reaction and encouragement are vital elements of my artistic practice.”