Before you even reach the reception of The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, visitors will be able to see a flash of vivid blue peaking out from the start of the Sculpture Walk. Upon closer inspection, the vibrant colour comes from a towering ceramic vessel nestled amongst the leaves. Sharp, crisp edges of ‘Energy’ contrast beautifully with the sea of fluttering leaves beneath. The shadows playing across the ribbed design of ‘Contemplation’ are impossible not to enjoy.

Alexander Macdonald-Buchanan started his create career as a potter - making small and large vessels and urns for gardens. Itching to do more, in 2007 he began his quest to make pieces that were less functional and more architectural in design. 2015 saw the launch of his sculptural pieces - in none other than the central courtyard of Chatsworth house in the Peak District. An exhibition in the lobby of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf followed, and shortly after we proudly installed a selection of his work in the Sculpture Garden. Three very distinct and completely different settings that have all highlighted Alexander’s work in very unique ways.